Severe weather plan

If the weather conditions are severe enough to force closure or restricted opening, this decision will be communicated to parents by the following means:

The decision to close the school will be taken by 8.00am at very the latest.

Ensuring we can get enough staff to school safely will be the main factor. For those whom travel to school in a vehicle, please only do so if you feel it is safe for you to travel.

Restricted opening – where school is open but some staff and pupils may be unable to attend due to weather conditions:

Parents are asked to exercise extreme caution when bringing their children to school and walk up through the school grounds with great care. We will do our best to remove all snow and ice, but this is not always possible. We will relax our normal high expectations of punctuality and no child will receive a late mark.

At the end of the day, the children should be collected as usual. Parents who wish to collect their children early due to the road conditions may do so. After school clubs may not run, look out for emails / texts.

Children’s access to the school playground and outdoor areas may be restricted. Parents are reminded to ensure their children have warm clothes and suitable footwear. Children should bring suitable outdoor shoes / boots to change into if they want to go outside at playtime.


As above, once a decision is made. The school phone is likely to be very busy and it may not be possible to get through, so we would ask parents to use the means of communication outlined above instead. THEREFORE PLEASE DO NOT PHONE THE SCHOOL TO ASK IF WE ARE OPEN.

Please take care,

Mr Alex Burden